Company Profile

Global Strategy

  • Participating in meeting ongoing commodities demand by providing consistent, reliable supplies of commodities to buyers. Securing physical supply to vend through a worldwide network as infrastructure growth continues in key developing areas.
  • Following the growing trade flows from South America, Africa and Australia to Asia & the Middle East.
  • Creating synergies between the different entities of the Group to provide the best solution for suppliers & customers.
  • Diversifying the activities within the resources sector & adding the decisive services of logistics and finance.

Key Strengths

  • International network with a strong focus on growth regions.
  • Secure raw material base throughout own assets and long-term contracts.
  • Presence in more than 25 countries with own offices and subsidiaries - guarantees knowledge and contacts in relevant markets.
  • Experienced & international management team.
  • Strong balance sheet with high equity, low debts & a solid liquidity position.
  • Well-established relationships with all major trade finance banks.

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